Studio Band Sessions

The Studio Bands are a fun and interactive way for students to gain experience performing live on their instruments and playing in a band with other musicians!  Students will get a chance to play fun worship and/or main stream music, either with vocals or instrumentally depending on the student make-up and proficiency level of the studio band.  Each studio band will have the opportunity to learn and perform 2-3 songs, which the students will choose from a pre-set list from their instructor, and the students will gain valuable experience both playing live and learning to use their instruments to 'communicate' with other musicians.


Fall 2017 Studio Bands

The Fall 2017 Studio Band Experience will be a fun one!  Like the Spring Studio Band Experience, the musicians will learn a song and have an opportunity to gain experience playing in a band setting, but in addition to this, the Fall Studio Band Experience will also incorporate professional audio and video recordings.  After working on the song and practicing together, the last 2 practices will include video recording and each student will also come in to the studio for an individual recording session with James.  At the end of this Experience, each student will be given a mixed / mastered version of the song they played on, as well as the video recording which will be on our studio YouTube channel.

Now for the details...

    Fridays / 4-5pm


9/22, 9/29

10/20, 10/27

11/3, 11/10

12/1, 12/8

Studio Band Tuition
   $300 per student
$25 Immediate Family Discount (for each extra student that signs up from the same family)
   $25 Referral Discount 
      *For anyone who signs up as a direct result of your word of mouth (non family member)

   Tuition is due in full by Friday, September 8th
       This is to allow enough time to plan instruments and order music in time to begin on 9/22

To see the video (& hear the audio!) of the Fall 2016 Studio Band Experience, see the YouTube video below or click here.

Please contact us if you'd like to be a part of our Fall 2017 Studio Band Experience!

Fall 2016 Studio Bands

The Fall 2016 Studio Band had the unique experience of recording a Christmas song and making a video!  Take a look at what the students worked so hard to create!


We are excited about the entire
Studio Band experience!
Please don't hesitate to contact us
with any questions or concerns!